Telephone support for those doing CBT/ERP

The charity OCD Action, as part of their Next Steps project, are providing telephone support for those having Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)/ Exposure and Response Prevention work (ERP- for those not familiar with it, this is a specific type of treatment used for OCD where people gradually expose themselves to the feared situation without engaging in their usual response, e.g., compulsion/ritual/behaviour). Further info is below, and their number can be found at

What can I expect?

You do not have to give your real name if you do not want to. We can listen supportively to you, tell you about the clinically effective treatment choices available through the NHS and how to access those treatments. There is no time limit to the length of the call – you may take as long as you need. We can also send free information packs and leaflets to you (all of our materials are sent under plain cover) – we will need your name and address to do this.If you’re about to start treatment, i.e. CBT & ERP and would like some regular support one of our volunteers can arrange to telephone you every week or fortnight from just before you start treatment, throughout your course of CBT to up to a month after you finish. This on-going telephone support is our Next Steps project, and you can arrange to have calls at a time/day/frequency that suits you – ask the Helpline Volunteer about it when you call.I think it’s a really great idea as an extra level of support!Best wishesClairaChair

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