What are the types of OCD?

Understanding OCD

We have sourced a selection of self-help videos from youtube. If you feel that any of these videos have helped you or a loved one, please consider subscribing to their channel and help them carry on promoting awareness.

Be Active

Practice Yoga

Combining Mindfulness and Yoga go hand in hand because they aim to achieve a higher state of awareness and connection between the body and mind. We will provide a link below to all local Yoga classes, but remember, if you don’t feel like attending a class there are lots of free videos online and on YouTube.

Reach out to friends and family. Use technology to keep in touch, we live in uncertain times, and you do not need to feel isolated.
Be Active
You do not need a gym membership to stay fit and healthy; Try walking to school, college, or work. If you feel the need, ask a friend if they would like to start running, walking, cycling, or swimming with you.
Take Notice
Try to take notice of the present and what's around you; mindfulness meditation is a great way to relax. Make some time for yourself to unwind and think about the good things that happened today.
Keep Learning
Rediscover an old hobby, or find yourself a new one. Got a DIY job that needs doing? No time like the present. Sign up for an online course; you're never too old to learn something new.
Say hello to a random stranger in the street; you never know it might make their day. Start volunteering with a local support group. Donate any unwanted items to charity.

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