Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held once a month and provide a holistic, self-help support group for individuals who experience OCD, or who are affected by OCD (parents/partners/carers), and those who suffer from accompanying mental health conditions. Every meeting is different as we can have a range of natural discussions taking place that may be related to current affairs or belong to a preselected topic by our members.

Our social media pages are forever evolving with regular updates and information shared across all of our platforms where we offer online-based support. If you would like to know more about our monthly meetings please check our FAQ section, or get in touch with us via the contact page or by social media using one of the button links below.

The next meeting is: Monday 05 September 2022.

Socials And Fundraisers

As well as our monthly meetings we frequently organise social get-togethers in order to spend time away from the structure of a support group to do something fun and proactive (such as coffee days and picnics).

We also participate in fundraising events in an attempt to spread awareness of OCD and the work we do at OCD Support. Some of the previous fundraisers we have organised have been pub quizzes, charity stalls, sponsored activities, and our most popular was the board game and retro video games fair.

We have given group talks and presentations for organisations and colleges/universities to spread awareness of OCD. We are always looking for ways to advance and would be happy to give presentations and lectures in the future for any businesses whose employees may have OCD to better understand the condition and the impact it can have on individuals.